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Author Topic: Omen of Clarity (Druid talent) is bugged  (Read 1438 times)


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Omen of Clarity (Druid talent) is bugged
« on: January 06, 2017, 11:27:54 AM »
Hi Boarcraft!

As I'm rolling feral, it is quite obvious to go for the Balance tree talents.

Omen of Clarity pops rarely, not sure if this is bugged but you might be able to see that.

Whenever it pops it should not consume any mana for the next damage or healing ability.
It doesnt work, it doesnt remove the Omen of Clarity buff and it doesnt let you get a free cast.

Best Regards

*EDIT* - It does work in Bear Form and Cat form, it doesnt work in human form.
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