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Author Topic: Druids - The choices to make this class viable!  (Read 1042 times)


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Druids - The choices to make this class viable!
« on: January 06, 2017, 01:28:13 PM »
Hi Boarcraft!

I got some suggestions in order to make this class viable.

I think all classes/speccs suffers a bit from the level cap, its all fine and dandy because we knew what we were facing while creating the account and signed in.

I still have high hopes for this server, it has a unique idea throughout all custom servers, and I have some suggestions on the druid class to make it both viable, and fun to play in PvE/PvP.

Balance druid:
There is not much to improve here, you have the Wrath and Moonfire specc. No further tuning needed in my opinion.

There is some alternative specc to this, which is to go for Restoration tree in order to receive Insect Swarm, which I believe one druid in each higher dungeon/raid should get due to the 2% less chance to hit debuff with some nice damage to it.

Resto druid:
This specc might need some tuning, still works but talents aren't helping a lot with this specc.

The most viable thing I can find is:
Improved Mark of the Wild: 5/5
Improved Healing Touch: 5/5
Reflection: 1/3 or Insect Swarm: 1/1

You still get increased casting time on the Healing touch, which is nice.

Resto druid suggestion:
Get some focus on the HoT's that we all love about druids. Not sure how to manage that but I'm sure you can be creative :>

Feral Druid:
Here's where my real interest of tuning is, and it is in great need of it.

Feral Druid tank - Tanking is suffering a lot, and isn't more tanky than a rogue or a hunter, the lack of armor and health boost is significant. The only thing you can do to make druid tanking viable is to add Dire Bear Form. No real discussion here.

Feral Druid DPS- In order to make any damage with this specc, you need a finishing combo. Cat form still has Rip which is a great addition to raid DPS, I simply feel that its not enough.
Feral DPS is in need of Ferocious Bite (Rank 1), it will increase the damage quite a lot but its not overpowered.
Ferocious Bite will do a lot of damage, but with the level cap to 10 and with no more extra talent this spell would be fantastic to feral DPS.

It might be a good idea to remove Rip and replace it with Ferocious Bite so the druid doesn't have a lot of choices to finish his combos.

Why I'm putting so much more effort in to feral than balance and/or restoration is because its a more flexible, you can enter DPS or tanking role rather than go Restoration and just aim for Healing Done, or balance that will go for Damage or Healing stats, not really usable for any other roles.

I really hope that Boarcraft will go for the cat option.

Since this is a custom server, Boarcraft doesn't have that much restriction when it comes to tuning classes/speccs, and are free to do whatever they want within limits that it has to be stable and not broken.

Making small tuning to all classes and speccs would be fantastic.
I do believe that you should make all speccs viable in some way. It doesnt have to be that you add/remove spells, it can be just to buff or debuff already existing talents/spells.

Thats all from me!

Best Regards

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