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Author Topic: Priest PvE/PvP Guide (Shadow Priest)  (Read 984 times)


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Priest PvE/PvP Guide (Shadow Priest)
« on: December 04, 2016, 12:31:55 AM »
Heyo doods and doodlets Darkness here, gonna show you a small little guide i thought about, and if you want to add anything, just say it on the post. Anyways, Enjoy!  8)

First off, the stats that you will need are  Intellect>Spirit>Stamina
The Proper Stat allocations for a Shadow Priest if you're doing PvP should be

Blackout : 5/5
Improved Shadow Word: Pain : 2/2
Mind Flay : 1/1

This will allow you to stun the enemy quite often using your Shadow abilities such as Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, and Mind Flay, whilst still doing damage for a longer period of time with the Improved Shadow Word: Pain as it increases the duration of Shadow Word: Pain by 6 seconds and it procs every 3 seconds giving you 2 extra procs, which for me are around 10-15 damage on plate users and around 35 for cloth users, so it can deal some major damage (But it also depends on the enemy's shadow resist) and Mind Flay slows down a target by 50% so it is useful against Melee classes as you can Mind Flay, Shield, Renew, and run away at the same time.

Now for a PvE Shadow Priest, I would advise these Talents.

Spirit Tap : 3/5
Blackout : 2/5
Holy Specialization : 3/5
Wand Specialization : 2/5 (If you have a Wand, if not then do Improved Shadow Word: Pain 2/2 and Shadow Affinity 1/3)
Improved Shadow Word: Pain : 1/2

Now then, Spirit Tap would allow you to gain a 60% chance to give a 100% boost to your Spirit upon killing an enemy that would give experience (Now hold on this means -WOULD- so any mob above lvl 4 would have a chance to proc this effect), enabling you to regen health and mana twice as fast, and of course I've reviewed Blackout, but it is significantly less of a chance, only 4% compared to the PvP 10%, but it still stuns for around 3-4 seconds (based on my tests), and of course you aren't -ONLY- going to use Shadow! So I decided that Holy Specialization would be best for this PvE Spec as it increases the critical hit effect chance by 3% with Holy Spells (Holy Fire, Smite), and last but not least Wand Specialization, because 2/5 grants a 10% bonus to Wand Damage, whenever you are out of mana, just bust out that wand and deal massive amounts of damage *granted you have a decent wand*, but if you -DO NOT- have a wand then I would advise getting Improved Shadow Word: Pain 2/2 and Shadow Affinity 1/3 as Shadow Affinity reduces the threat you create by 8% making it -VERY- useful in dungeons upon server launch.

Anyways that is all I have for today, Hope you understood what I was saying and have a nice day!

P.S. don't not have Shadow Word: Pain on a target, just deals way more DPS, and use Holy Fire for that extra Holy DPS so you have Shadow and Holy DPS on that boi.

- Darkness
Undead Holy Priest named Darkness...

Makes sense.

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