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Author Topic: Server Updates - Oct 29th 2016  (Read 1800 times)


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Server Updates - Oct 29th 2016
« on: October 29, 2016, 12:40:21 PM »
Another update have been applied to Boarcraft today which brings the following changes:

  • Improved mob difficulty/power scaling throughout the different zones.
The new power multiplier is between 1 - 3 where lvl 1 - 10 mobs have a multiplier of 1 and mobs with an original lvl of 60 get a multiplier of 3.
  • Added the spell Redemption rank 1 to Paladin trainers.
  • Updated gossip texts and map directions for profession trainers, the banker and the guild master.
  • Added guard gossip menu to Dun Morogh Mountaineers.
  • Made all weapon skills trainable from the Kharanos weapon master.
  • Moved BG quest givers Horde Warcaller and Alliance Brigadier General to Kharanos.
  • Made NPCs Tundra MacGrann and Paxton Ganter cross faction.
  • Removed extra campfires that burned Tundra MacGrann and Nori Pridedrift.
  • Made graveyard at Anvilmar horde only.
  • Made the skill Poisons available at rogue trainers.
  • Moved the pet trainer Harruk to Coldridge Valley.
  • Changed Dual Wield lvl req. for rogues to lvl 5.
  • Added missing rogue spells to trainers at Coldridge Valley/Ironforge Airfield.
  • Made the quest Bitter Rivals work for Horde too.

I'm especially interested in if the mob power scaling works well so please submit any feedback you might have. :)

Known bugs:
  • Gear with random enchantments aren't scaled down correctly, so stats are higher than items with similar ilvl. This will be fixed in a future patch.

That's all for this update! There's still a lot more to come so the goal of a pre-christmas launch can be reached.

// SpiritBoar

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