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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Ideas and Feedback for Release
« on: January 24, 2017, 05:12:16 PM »
bit late to the party , i lvled 2 hordies to 10 , a rogue and a hunter and i have some feedback for ya
Rogue  , damage output seems low for rogue even tho ur lvl 10 , the crit rating and dodge are not as they should be either
without talents and full agility gear dodge wont come over 5-6 % and rogue should have at least 20 % basic dodge maybe a bit less but not a base 2-3 % , same for crit from agility , its laughably low , and since rogue is a class that is kinda crit dependant for big dmg , rogue here feels rly underpowered , also i cant solo any mob with more then 1 k life , unless i use evasion , now my gear isnt top notch , ( mostly greens from lvl 50-60 zones chests farming ) but the crit/dodge gains from agility are totaly not scaled right
also BIG BUG , rogue stealth is completly f*cked up , not in a bad way tho ( for me ) but it works that as long as u stay in stealth as a rogue , enemies cant touch you , they see you , but wont attack
i can walk straight thru mobs and they will "jerk" around and i will enter combat only to immideatly leave combat again
now ofc thats great for chest farming , but it does give rogue a pretty unfair advantage

as for hunter : completly overpowered
not so much the hunter but the pet
i tamed the first boar i saw in dun morogh , and it has 1600 armor 50 def rating and 900 life , can tank pretty much anything , and with mend pet can easily keep it up
it was nice but it felt way to overpowered , especialy compared to my rogue , who feels like such a gimp

i would love to play here more and try raiding etc , but it seems this server pretty much  died
sometimes i see 1 or 2 allys online but in all the time i have played ( about 3 weeks ) i have only seen 2 other horde around , and then only for a little while
and chest farming on an empty server does get boring after a while
and then there is the fact that non gathering professions  are capped at 225 wich , for me , is a huge letdown
when u read on the website and u see its listed as one of the  "key features *  of this server that all professions are available at lvl 10 up to 300 , and u spend all that time lvling 3 different proffesions , only to find out the website was lying .... well , FeelsBadMan

to reply to one of the ppl posting above me , i did lvl a warrior to lvl 3 and did notice he took more dmg per hit from mobs then my rogue and hunter , and his own dmg was rly rly weak , now ofc he was only lvl 3 and warrior is the most gear dependant class in vanilla , still it felt off

thats my 2 cents , Cheers
Feedback & Suggestions / artisan enchanting requires lvl 18...
« on: January 18, 2017, 07:31:45 PM »
hi i recently leveled a hordie on this realm , everything working more or less , but it seems Annora ( the Enchanting trainer in Uldaman) wont teach me artisan enchanting because it requires lvl 18 and she is the only one that teaches it , in the about section if promises all the profession are available at lvl 10 up to 300 skill level but this seems not to be true , i want to ask you to plz fix this
i have spend days leveling not only enchanting but mining and blacksmithing as well just so i could make the needed Rods for enchanting , put loads of effort into lvling profs , even spend 2 days farming turtles for  the chance to drop big mouth clam that has tiny chance to spawn iridecent pearl wich u need for golden rod wich was a looong boring grind and now finaly got it , only to find out im stuck now , wich is a very unsatisfyng expierence
plz fix this asap , or change the about screen , becuz the information on there is not valid
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