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General Discussion / Re: My experience so far.
« on: December 03, 2016, 11:23:37 AM »
Oh, thanks for the head's up :p
Did not know that :p
General Discussion / My experience so far.
« on: December 03, 2016, 01:34:52 AM »

This was a server I have thought about and missed for years. The concept it has to offer is brilliant so before I joined I was already positive about this.

I choose to play alliance - Gnome - Mage!

The quests are actually very easy to understand if you just read them and the places to quest is nice. BUT! The respawn time on some of these mobs are crazy and I had some hard times survive if I came to far into the zone with the mobs. The quests very vanilla a-like and I enjoy that. Also that there is put time into writting the quests.
Then I came to the quest "Bounty on Garrick Padfoot" And Garrick seem to have a "Normal" respawn time - Mabye a bit to slow actually.

So the amount of copper/silver/gold drop seem to be alright actually. I could afford all my spells but not with a huge amount of money after so that was great.

I get the feeling that this is a "Testing" part of the game while it's in beta. I hope it's not here to stay and there will be some other transport ways for players. It take a bit of the feeling of "WoW" but we'll see. It is good to have right now because else we will walk LONG!

So after the start zone you go to Goldshire. It's very nost and I like it. However when you come here it is actually kind of hard and I will NOT lie. I enjoy it!
I quickly met up with this guy who actually started annoying me because he took my mobs but we grouped up and it was actually funny to have the feeling of real wow again - Meet people DO HARD STUFF and have fun! It was fun. However it seems like the respawn time here also are very fast. Mabye work on that? :)
We did the quest "The Fargodeep Mine". Ofc because of the respawn time on these mobs this was going to be too hard but we have played Vanilla wow so we know everything about Corps run and so we did. Managed to die a few times before finding the spot but we did it! Success! After that we found Gold Dust together and talked. Nice time!

The other players on this server seems very nice and I actually enjoyed meeting people because everyone was so friendly.

I would love to see more items but I think it's because I'm still in the "starting" process. Can't wait to see what it will offer me when I come deeper into this server.

- Mobs in spawn/normal respawn time is to fast (TO FAST!).
- Goldshire, God I love that place.
- Players on this server are nice and gave me a great time.
- Items could come in more shapes while leveling up but it is okay.

So overall I am very happy for my experiance so far and I CAN'T wait till I come far - I'll let you know!

- Your friendly guy - Templeguy!
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