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Title: Lock's ideas for improvement
Post by: lock on February 19, 2017, 05:18:27 PM
here are just some things that i know of and have issues with. I want to do everything i can do get this server up and going to it's true potential as its' the coolest idea i've ever seen for a private server.

-Druid class in general
 -bear form is trash. flat +30hp is nothing when stam from gear can bring you easily to 1k+ hp (i suggest making it % based rather than adding dire bear as that could be too powerful)
 -cat form is trash. what's the point of having rogue form if it pretty much only acts as bear form without the armor... you get prowl but can't do anything with it. i suggest only adding the rogue equivalent of backstab as that allows to have a prowl opener without being too op.
 -apparently i've heard insect swarm doesn't scale properly

 -pretty good overall but why add succubus as the post lvl 20 skill? it's practically useless without it's charm ability as voidwalker is prefered for solo pve, and imp is prefered for group pve and for pvp...
 -new bug since VW armor/hp fix, pets spawn with half hp when zoning into a new area.
 -also i don't think summoning portals work


-Gear grind
 -the #1 question is "how do i get gear at level 10?"
 -lets be honest chest grinding isn't fun and is currently the best way to get gear. i know droprates are buffed already but maybe make droprates slightly higher for killing mobs to incentivize mob grinding over chests
 - i joined this server because i thought the gear grind would be amazing. there must be some way to separate the lower level gear into "tiers" t1 being beginner lvl 10 greens and scaling up to level 60 gear for end end game(kinda like the way heroes wow has their gear progression set up but w/o adding custom items) maybe a teleport npc that will teleport you to -example- t1- westfall t2- duskwood t3-stv t4-tanaris... will not only add a clear path for people to follow post lvl 10 but actually add a sense of gear progression and accomplishment

-Elites (known bug i think)
 -1 hitting

 -my ideal voting/reward system is cosmetics for vp. it's gives people a reason to WANT to vote which adds to the game without p2w AND gets us votes for the top private server websites

-Tips to spirit
 -take pride in your work! this is a fucking amazing server you got here and it'd be a shame to see you burn out :(
 -keep making progress, even if it's tiny steps at a time don't bite off more than you can chew at once
 -you got some dedicated fans so you know you're doing something right !
Keep up the good work!
Title: Re: Lock's ideas for improvement
Post by: SpiritBoar on March 04, 2017, 07:14:41 PM
Thanks for all this feedback lock! I will make use of it in the future updates for the server.

The spells all classes currently have available are the ones you would normally have as a lvl 20 characters. I didn't add or remove anything from what you normally have. A few spells are still missing, that you must get through gets such as some of the priest racials.

The options for getting gear is something I've been thinking about a lot. I will be creating several options for getting gear, so there won't be a single route to end game gear.

Elites are a general problem right now, as they are simply too strong.

I know most people currently see the server as 'dead' since there are practically no players online, but keep in mind that it's mostly available for testing right now, so it isn't meant to be packed with players. Once I have an idea of when the server will be ready I will start focusing more on attracting more players through varios medias.

Thanks a lot for you support and belief in this project! It means a lot to me. :)